Board of Directors

Board Officers:

George McDonnell, Chair – Public Sector: Schoharie County Youth Bureau

Dolores Jackson, Vice Chair – Consumer Sector: Schoharie County Rural Preservation

Pastor Jonathan Litzner, Secretary – Consumer Sector:  Clergy/Food Pantry

Larry Phillips, Treasurer – Private Sector:  Justine’s


Board Member List

Private Sector:

Rhonda Ferris – Bank of Richmondville

Larry Phillips – Justine’s

Jason Evans – SUNY Cobleskill

Public Sector:

George McDonnell – Schoharie County Youth Bureau

Anna VanDerwerken – Town of Esperance

Margaret Hait – Town of Jefferson Supervisor

Consumer Sector:

Dolores Jackson – Schoharie County Rural Preservation

Pastor Jonathan Litzner – Clergy/Food Pantry

Judith Warner – Food Pantry/Summer Lunch Program


Community Needs Assessment


Strategic Plan